Dalszövegek VI.

2010.04.04. 14:57 - Suburban Neon

DreamSailors with the sun, waters show their want beforeThe one believes that hes decieved, the trip reaches the sunAll gone, silver blade flash on his face, his fingers trace to feel the gunStrictly none, resist the true to make it through the dayFeathers set, my wings improve and prove a fellow…

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Dalszövegek V.

2010.04.03. 22:36 - Suburban Neon

On the wayRaidin the squad, spit a spot to the callinFull blazin hot, matter not, and theyre rollinLast space in the trunk and boot, were stashin venture all inLess mess better drunken dood, ye acidic decodinHigh tide under neat, nippy my skyMight hide from a lull, teal like a fast kiteTime now, let…

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Dalszövegek IV.

2010.04.02. 20:41 - Suburban Neon

400 She set sails alone and without meMy hopes’ on the rope, they’re out to seeThe less I deserved her the more I proved to be the best inquiryI don’t care for hysteriaFiction, fact, mysteriaThe only thing I know’s she’s gone and she’s my…

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Dalszövegek III.

2010.04.01. 16:58 - Suburban Neon

Soul Pendulum The face of the clock counting off a minuteChanges your luck and now there is less in it.So kiss your sweet midnight before morning falls inAfternoon will hold on tight till late of evening closes in Solos get the walkway and if that heartbeat comes to endTo save the faith of…

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Dalszövegek II.

2010.03.31. 15:52 - Suburban Neon

Cab…and just a little third gear, up at 60 that’s where we wanna be… alright fellows, here’s a story about me and what I do, my life and job, well that’s just my cab in which the city I roll, the streets I stroll, the ladies I treat, and some of my most…

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Dalszövegek I.

2010.03.30. 15:46 - Suburban Neon

 Fathers Lost  Deep inside the darkest evening losing sleepAre you born indeed?And light’s shed on the cradle wall Did you listen to the teachingDid you understand the facesWhen they gave the answers? In the window you waveGood bye!And your father’s away At…

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