Dalszövegek II.

2010.03.31. 15:52 - Suburban Neon

Cab…and just a little third gear, up at 60 that’s where we wanna be… alright fellows, here’s a story about me and what I do, my life and job, well that’s just my cab in which the city I roll, the streets I stroll, the ladies I treat, and some of my most…

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Dalszövegek I.

2010.03.30. 15:46 - Suburban Neon

 Fathers Lost  Deep inside the darkest evening losing sleepAre you born indeed?And light’s shed on the cradle wall Did you listen to the teachingDid you understand the facesWhen they gave the answers? In the window you waveGood bye!And your father’s away At…

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